Murder Mystery


Brought Back From the Dead

An overview by student-director, Riley Croman

Because of the renovation construction in the Little Theater this past November, there was no place to hold the traditional Thanksgiving play. The students didn't want to forego the tradition entirely and so the Murder Mystery Dinner was revived. There hasn't been a murder mystery dinner at Delphian since 2009. Student Riley Croman led the charge, from writing a script to casting and running rehearsals.


The theme? A wedding reception. The show was entitled Till Death Do Us Part. The show began with sentimental toasts delivered by father of the bride (Dante Chacon), best man (Wahia Mita) and sister of the groom (Sarah Holyfield). The sister to the bride and maid of honor (Megan Spencer) didn't get to give her toast and was ignored. The mother of the bride (Callie Whitworth) was annoyed with all the sappy speeches. Meanwhile the wedding planner and event coordinator (Riley Croman) worked to keep the intoxicated uncle to the bride/DJ (Angel Martos Padilla) in line. Stacy, the groom's cousin (Haleigh Simington), did an interesting flirty karaoke solo and dance to everyone's shock and amusement. The cast mixed and mingled with the audience while the grandmother of the groom (Madison Hansen) played matchmaker and kept everyone dancing. Suddenly the bride (Juliet Holyfield) dropped dead on the dance floor. She was poisoned, of course, which was deduced by the wedding's hired security guard (Quinn Bennett) who began a full investigation. She accused cast and audience members alike until they could prove their innocence with substantial evidence. Even the emotionally distraught groom (Ricardo Ruiz-Romero) was on the suspect list.


The show ended with a shocking confession from the sister of the bride who had planned the whole murder so she could kill off Stacy who had been flirting with her man during the wedding rehearsal. The only problem was her accomplice, the drunk uncle, mistakenly put the poison in the wrong glass. Oops! Overall the show was a smashing success with Delphian’s incomparably enthusiastic audiences.

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