We can't wait to show you around!

On January 29, 2018, Delphian unveiled the newly-remodeled student Recreation Room (Rec Room) and Little Theater.

   The renovations began last August, immediately following the end of Summer at Delphi. Students had barely left campus when Delphian summer interns helped carry out the old piano, pool table, couches, refrigerators, air hockey tables and other iconic Rec Room items to make way for the construction that would be starting immediately.

   The renovations began by first knocking down several walls and digging out a space from under the foundation of the building for a new kitchen. This addition allowed for easier food deliveries to the Rec Room, but also provided additional space to the Little Theater without losing any usable space in the Rec Room.

   The new Little Theater and Rec Room feature multi-level floors that divide the game space from the eating and lounge space in the Rec Room and create risers in the Little Theater, giving every seat a great view of the stage.

   In the Little Theater itself, the stage was extended several feet beyond the curtain, giving future performers more space to perform. The backstage area also got a nice facelift, including the addition of dressing rooms, makeup counters, prop storage and floor-to-ceiling costume storage wardrobes. 

   The Little Theater is now equipped with a projector screen that drops from the ceiling with the push of a button for student movie nights and presentations. Professional sound panels and curtains were installed to improve acoustics in the space. The space also saw the addition of a professional LED light and sound board, located in a sound booth in the back of the Theater—a game changer for all future performances!

   Headmaster Trevor Ott and student council president James Gentile presided over the opening ceremony of the new space. Trevor cut the ribbon to officially open the Rec Room and invited eager crowds into the new spaces. There, visitors were treated to a video written and produced by student Arty Stepanov which thanked all of the friends of Delphian for the donations that made this project possible. 

   If you haven’t visited the Delphian campus recently, make sure to visit the new Rec Room and Little Theater. We can’t wait to show you around!