Five Easy Things... 

you can do now to start spreading the word about Delphian!






Like, Share, Comment and Tag

It’s easy to get involved in the Delphian conversation. All you have to do is like our social media channels and engage with our posts. Sharing and commenting are the absolute best way to generate buzz. Tagging Delphian in your own photos and posts (at events like Alumni Weekend, Parents Weekend, sports games, performances, etc) alerts us to what’s going on so we can engage with you too!

Share Your Delphian Story

Whether you’re in a coffee shop, grocery store or at your doctor’s office, there is often an opportunity to share your story. When you are out and about in the community, think about ways you can bring Delphian into the conversation.

Love your school


Post a Review

For many of us, a natural step in the buying process is to check out online reviews first before taking the next step. The same applies when looking for a school for your child. This is why it’s vitally important to share your experiences on well-regarded review sites (,,,, Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc).

Encourage Others to Get Involved

Do you know others who are invested in Delphian and might like to get involved? Historically, the school’s best ambassadors have been its students, former students and their parents. Encourage those you know to spread the word about the school and ask them to start sharing their Delphian story online and in the community.

Give us Some Feedback

You are our eyes and ears into the local community and the broader global community. Whether positive or negative, we want to know what you think. Testimonials are our best marketing tool and we love to integrate them into our marketing activities. Email us at or post a review (see #4).

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