Connecting Ancient History to Real Life

At Delphian we believe a student’s education is only meaningful when it is personal and connects with the student’s life and the real world. The Delphi Program™ helps students make that connection by encouraging them to explore and understand the connection between a subject of study and its application in real life. 

   While the Delphian bi-annual Europe Trip is hosted during spring break and is primarily for pleasure, traveling can be a valuable form of education. Traveling allows young people to connect the stories from their reading assignments from books such as the Odyssey, The Agony and the Ecstasy and Plato’s Republic to the actual places they’ve been reading about. 

   Delphian is always excited to provide our students with this opportunity. This year’s trip followed historical land and sea routes through Greece and included important stops at famous cities, landmarks and vistas including the Parthenon, King Agamemnon’s tomb, Pythagoras’s birthplace and of course Delphi.

Day 1 & 2     Depart from Portland, Oregon & arrive in Athens, Greece

Day 3           Greek Independence Day celebrations & sightseeing in the                              New Acropolis Museum & Plaka


Day 4           Sightseeing in the ancient city of Delphi, Greece


Day 5           Travel to Olympia & tour Olympic Games ruins. Also a visit                         to a local olive oil producer


Day 6          Tour of Epidaurus, Mycenae citadel of King Agamemnon, his                         famous Beehive tomb and archaeological site & a brief                                  viewing of the Corinth Canal 


Day 7          One-day cruise to the islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina off                         the Saronic Gulf coast. Brief tour of the Temple of Aphaia and                       the Church of Saint Nectarius

Day 8          Board the cruise ship Majesty, and set sail on a multi-day                              cruise on the beautifully blue Aegean sea


Day 9         Briefly disembark in Samos for a tour around the island             

                    finishing our day on the island of Patmos


Day 10       Travel to and tour the island of Crete & sail to Santorini to tour                     Oia Village


Day 11       Disembark the cruise ship Majesty for the final time in Athens                     and tour the Parthenon Temple, Herod Atticus Theatre & the                         Temple of Poseidon 


Day 12      Return trip to Portland, Oregon