Educational Visionaries Visit Delphian

Dr. Noor speaking at Delphian

We have had many visitors to the school these past two months, including education directors of the Evergreen Air and Space Museum, the three top executives from Knowledgeworks, Grant Lichtman and many, many more. These visitors all received student-led tours of the school and then met and worked with the Assistant Headmaster, Dr. Mark Siegel. Notable among them was former head of the Oregon Department of Education, Dr. Salam Noor.


Dr. Noor is a distinguished Oregon educator who recently ended over two years of service heading the entire Oregon Department of Education. He has been one of Oregon's leading proponents of proficiency-based teaching and learning.


Dr. Noor is a first-generation immigrant, having come to the U.S. from Kuwait on his own at age 16 to join an older brother already living in Seattle. He earned a bachelor's degree in international affairs and a master's degree in public administration from Eastern Washington University in the late 1980s. He earned his doctorate in education from the University of Utah. Delphian School and Dr. Mark Siegel have been proud to call him a friend for over a decade.


At Delphian, Dr. Noor spoke about his career path from being raised in a third-world country to leading Oregon's Department of Education. He also spoke to our students about the current state of education and his hope for the future. Dr. Noor shared many life lessons with our students and was well-received.