Mastering the Master Plan–Phase 1

Have you heard about the Delphian Campus Master Plan? Has anyone told you how EXCITING this plan is? It has all been made possible through your continuing donations and promotion of Delphian to new families.

   Phase 1 of the master plan is to upgrade our existing facilities, bringing them up to an ideal standard. This means the school will be able to service more students in better surroundings with an increased capacity for student instruction and enrichment. We will also have suites of more efficient offices, and it will all be serviced by new and improved infrastructure.

   MORE STUDENTS: We are adding dorm space that will allow us to increase our student capacity from 249 to 319. That’s a 28% increase, allowing us to make the highest-quality education available to more young people. Dorms will also have remodeled, more functional common areas.

   A MORE ATTRACTIVE CAMPUS: Visitors to the campus will be driving through an inviting, aesthetically landscaped campus on newly designed roads with an improved traffic flow. Approaching the updated main building at the top of the hill, they will notice new creative touches to outdoor features like the campus pathways, trail system, and athletic areas.

 Just past the main entrance, a bright, more consolidated public contact area will greet our guests as they enter Reception. Beyond the Reception area, visitors will find an even more beautiful art gallery and two larger, full-service restrooms for guests. They will also be able to use a 21st century elevator! 

   INCREASED CAPACITY FOR INSTRUCTION AND STUDENT LIFE: Students will soon be able to use six additional music rooms, a renovated band room, and a new woodshop and maker space. They will also notice changes and upgrades in classrooms, the library, breezeway, dining room, kitchen, stairways, laundry room, chapel, Little Theater and Larson Hall (to name just a few areas.)

   IMPROVED INFRASTRUCTURE: You probably don’t want to know all the nuts and bolts of an improved water reservoir, sewage system, heating and AC systems, and everything else that keeps the school running, but rest assured they’ll be on par with the rest of the changes.

   COMPLETED PROJECTS: With very special thanks to the Duggan family for their exceptional generosity, and to the rest of our Delphian donors and supporters, the school has already completed many renovations recently. Here are some recent accomplishments:

   Our biggest and most expensive project to date was to fully renovate our existing gym, a structure originally built on a shoestring budget in 1983. That facility got a top-to-bottom makeover, including a newly-constructed workout area, rock climbing wall, and indoor running track.

   We fully renovated the second floor west faculty areas, including the Headmaster, Dean and student consulting offices. 

Students are now appreciating full upgrades to dorm bathrooms that include a major plumbing overhaul and a beautiful new design. This project will serve many generations of students to come. 

Students clapped and cheered with the opening of the new Little Theater and Recreation Room in January, just in time for the first student-run Winter Showcase of dancing and music.

   Lastly, the rebuilt first floor east wing will be opened by Parents Weekend 2018. This area will house new administrative offices for the Finance, Development, Marketing, and Professional Development departments. After these staff move out of their second-floor offices, we will free up room to build new student dorms on the second floor. 

   So, if you haven’t been back to Delphian to see all the changes, it’s time for a visit! 


We would like to give a special recognition to our Leadership Society members. In celebration of the school’s founding, the Leadership Society recognizes any individual or family giving $1,976-$9,999 to any Delphian fund during the year. Leadership Society Elite recognizes $10,000 donations and above. 

Leadership Society Elite

Ibrahim Abulohoum

Jennifer Huang and Guangfu Cui 

Jaye and Michael Curry

Trish Duggan

Gertrude and Leonard Fairbanks Foundation


Joanne and David Gentile 

Melissa McPhail and Shon Holyfield

Rosy and Todd Kugler

Tim, Kathleen and Chelsea Melchior

Leadership Society

Christine and Jared Anderson

Jennifer and Steve Anderson


Sheila Auster

Guangyuan Hu and Shan Bai

Ally and Joe Berceli-Wain

Coleen and Michael Carberry

Andria and Austin Carroll

Sunny Wang and Rick Chang

Lisa and Mike Chatelain

Austin Chen

Joan Zhang and Alan Chen

Kori and Grant Curry

Arwen and Sky Dayton

Rosemary and Dege Didear

Christine Fang and Deyu Fan

Corina Froese

Hollander/Keough Family

Greg Kingdon

Michelle and Ryan Kugler

Wei Wang and Zhipeng Li

Cathy Liu and Zhijian Lin

Shiri and Avi Lonstein

Xiaoying Li and Guoming Luo

Lisette Nacif and Yamil Morales

Chris Nosko

Suzan and Greg Ott

Diana and Heiko Paul

Mimi and Ron Pollack

Courtney and Patrick Ryan

Liliana and Julio Saiz

Louise Chavanne and Adam Sene

Brandy Lewis and Ethan Suplee

Chris Uno

Ping Han and Wen Wei

Christine Wright

Ruby Pei and Tony Yang