Alex Lipson

Chicago, Illinois

Would I like to have an education that’s for me, built to help me grow and to help others grow? Absolutely. Would I like to be able to set out on my own path and be allowed to take off straight from the word ‘go?’ Nothing could be better. Would I like to have a Ferrari? Of course.

   As a Delphian graduate, I can tell you that two of these things are obtainable if you seek them (still working hard on that Ferrari). I grew up at Delphian, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had to seek the meaning and substance from my own education. The opportunities and chances to grow are always there if you just reach for them. I’m happy to say I reached out, am leaving satisfied, and am holding more understanding and love for what I’ve learned than I know what to do with.

   I hope that those who follow me will each reach out and seek that same love for what they learn. This education is for you, so help yourself!