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Yahya Abulohoum



  When I first came to Delphian, I was a seven-year-old boy who was stuffed with energy and didn’t seem to run out of it. Delphian has been my home for the last eight years, and it is a bittersweet experience to finally say goodbye. 

  One of the biggest areas I struggled with coming through the program was finding the right purpose for doing something. The opinions of other people weighed heavily on me, and this affected my production, quality of work and general happiness. 

I was confused on why this was. I was trying to impress the people around me, and yet they didn’t seem to care.

  For a change, this year I set out a long list of goals that I wanted to reach before I left. I noticed that the ones I was achieving were truly the ones I wanted to achieve. They were the ones I cared about personally, whether or not it would change someone’s viewpoint of me. The irony in this is that the less attention I gave to the opinions of others, the better they thought of me. 

  I have never been more productive and happy at any other point here, and I will hold this lesson to be true. Thank you, Delphian, for being my home.