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Lexi Delgado



  When I first got to Delphian, I was scared and nervous but in awe of how incredible the students were. I knew I wanted to rise to their level and was determined to do so. I started to help in any way I could. I volunteered, I worked hard, I always asked Kori if she needed help, and I soon got on student council and became an officer. For all of my four years at Delphian I held officer positions. It was my favorite thing, being part of a powerful group of students who cared so much and wanted to help the school.

  The practical program changed me. Through student council and the projects I did, I saw myself, along with other students, change and become capable, competent individuals. I learned that I love to love, I love to care. And I learned that I love helping people. It made me so happy!  

  Looking back at who I was when I first got here, I saw how much I changed, all of the things I confronted, all of the ups and downs I ran into, and how I grew into the person I always wanted to become. I finally saw the bigger picture of how important and beautifully crafted all aspects of the Delphi Program were, and how they all helped me.

  Being at Delphian, I realized that my basic purpose is to help. I love to help people. I love to love and care for them. Knowing that I can truly and lovingly help someone is the reason I live. 

  It’s a beautiful thing, and Delphian helped me see this in myself.