Alejandro Olmos

Torreon, Mexico

In the last week of May, I was walking at 3:00 AM towards my supervisor’s house with my essay for The Crucible to place it at his door so he could check it by 8:30 AM that morning. Walking back to my room knowing that this was the last essay he would ever check for me was an odd feeling.

   Finishing the Delphi Program is a strange and bittersweet, yet beautiful, feeling. That walk back to the building filled me with a sense of finality and termination. More than this, it filled me with an immense sense of gratitude and peace that has not left me since that night.

   I came to Delphian in September of 2010 with my integrity in pieces. I couldn’t even tell you what music I liked; nor could I express my true viewpoints. Through my years here, however, that beaten-up integrity became polished. I’ve now constructed a sturdy foundation out of that which, at the beginning, was broken.

   I’m not sure when this transformation happened. I think that the process is well described by a passage from Doctor Zhivago, a book we read on Form 8: “In winter, under the snow, the leafless branches of a wood are thin and poor, like the hairs of an old man’s wart. But in only a few days in spring the forest is transformed, it reaches the clouds, and you can hide or lose yourself in its leafy maze. Whenever we look at [the forest], it seems to be motionless. And such also is the immobility to our eyes of the eternally growing, ceaselessly changing history, the life of society moving invisibly in its incessant transformations.”

   In this case, these incessant transformations are us positively changing and transforming ourselves every second of every day. Delphian provides us with the environment and the tools to effect that change. It provides us with the people—a selfless, caring, and loving staff—that extract from us our innate abilities and through the development thereof, they make us shine.

   Delphian also embraces a group of students of diverse talents, abilities, and viewpoints. Through this mix of cultures we’re exposed to new ideas and challenged by different viewpoints. It is thanks to all my fellow students that I’ve been able to create, test and change my viewpoints. Getting to know them, their abilities, and their accomplishments has pushed me to want more for myself, and I will be forever grateful to them for that.

   In closing, I would like to say that Delphian provided me with the best foundation I could’ve found anywhere in the world. It is important, however, to recognize it for what it is: a foundation—a stepping stone into a world of further learning, expansion, and creation. With that said, I’m ready now to take that step.