Joyee Li

Shanghai, China

Four years ago, I came to the U.S. to pursue an education that I could take control of, one where I didn’t have to be pressed beneath endless quizzes and exercise books, one where I could start building my thoughts on different things. From my education back home, I didn’t know how to think critically; I didn’t know how to speak up; I didn’t know that I am capable and have potential; I didn’t know how far and how high I could go.

   My mom told me that I was going to spend the next four years at Delphian and that I should take advantage of this beautiful and soothing environment to grow and expand. I wasn’t sure these things were going to happen because I thought this school was the same as other American high schools. Yet when I came to this magical place, what it offered me was far more than I could’ve anticipated.

   Through reading on the literature program, leading the yearbook team and being the choir president, I demonstrated to myself that I’m capable of getting things done right. I’ve done things that were unrealistic to imagine before I came here. I received so much freedom and trust from the school and faculty to do what I wanted to do in ways I felt would make a difference to both myself and the community. Now I can proudly say that this school is not similar to other private high schools, and I’m so glad that I came here and am now a Delphian graduate. Thank you to all of the staff and students who create this special environment in which we can thrive.

   I wrote a poem at the end of the poetry seminar. It sums up my life here at Delphian:

Little Snow

A piece of snow fell from the sky

Drifted around and harvested the fruits from the motherland

Sang the tunes and blew the melodies

Fifteen snowstorms went by

The snow flew across the blue ribbon

And found a home in a miracle forest

In the forest,

Carried by the four uplifting wind, the snow

Whet the appetite for freedom

And belt out the harmony and blew the nocturne

Four more down

The snow is looking for its next forest

Wandering around the sky

Waiting for the upcoming storms