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Ryan Wu



  I would like to share a story about a girl I met 5 years ago. Though we didn’t know each other well at first, she is the most beautiful girl you can ever imagine: elegant, loving, and caring. I learned about her bit by bit. I found out that she is unique in her special ways. She empowered me to learn about myself and my capabilities. She showed me the way to improve as a person. 

  At first, she helped me simply become more knowledgeable. Throughout the years, I was challenged by her. She was at times demanding, unwelcoming, even annoying. We often had different viewpoints and opinions. It even got to a point where I was ready to leave her. However, by taking a step back, I realized that she was not the problem. I was the one causing the disputes. She challenged my integrity. I had some but not much. Ethics. Not my strongest subject. Leadership, I completely lacked. All I had so far was knowledge. Fortunately, with her help, things turned around.

  You might be wondering, “Who is this girl?” Her name is Delphian and she made me the person I am today. I will be forever grateful. All the challenges Delphian offered me made me learn more about myself. Although I am parting ways with this beautiful place, she will forever be in my heart.