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Finn Dayton

Graduating With Honors



  If there is anything I gained from my time at Delphian, it is a love of learning and work. From an early time in school, I worked along day to day on school work. I did well, but I would always be working towards something. Normally it was school breaks, like spring break or summer vacation. Sure, I enjoyed some of the exertion, but the effort was directed towards some other time and place, and the work was nothing more than a barrier to reaching it.

  At the end of my journey, I worked most of the day in a garden on campus to renovate the area. I found a certain satisfaction, and something distinctly human, about working under the sun with your hands in the earth with plants, getting absorbed into the task at hand and forgetting everything else. I found I wasn’t working to just pass my project, or hoping for summer, or to graduate. I just wanted to garden. What rewarded my effort was not accolades or kudos, but the effort itself. Though I am moving on, I always have my five years at the magical school at my side.