Ally Voss

Clearwater, Florida

I remember when my sister graduated, I didn’t know what was going on. I was confused as to why my parents were crying and why people were cheering. I didn’t understand why the moment was special, but I knew that I wanted to find out. Then I came to Delphian School. It was such a beautiful place, and everyone invited me in. I had never been a part of such a large group where everyone treated you like a member of the family.

   The most important thing that I gained on this program is the ability to confront things. This doesn’t just mean confronting studies; it’s about confronting everything in your life. It’s your student council post, a project, a person, and everything else that comes at you. Attending Delphian gave me the ability to confront anything that I set my mind to, and I know that I can face anything life sets in my path. Any barrier I run into, I know I can overcome. Even if it seems like the end of the world, I know I’ll be able to make it through.

   This was the magic of the Delphi Program for me. The beautiful thing about Delphian is that everyone has different magical moments. Every person experiences something unique, yet they experience it as a member of the Delphian family. I hope everyone gets to experience those beautiful moments.