Vivi Liu

Taipei, Taiwan

It is impossible to imagine the tremendous change that you will go through at Delphian until you’re announced as a Form 8 graduate. Unlike many graduates who came from the same background as me, I was never told that I was smart. In fact, I was not even average. I was below average.

   A year before Delphian, I was preparing for my high school entrance exam in Taiwan. It was the hardest-working period of my life, and also the most unrewarding process I’ve ever had to go through. I had tutors at night, classes on the weekends, but a good result was nowhere to be seen. The saddest part was that I nearly gave up and disliked myself.

   Towards mid-year, every student received a lucky charm from their parents. On the front mine said, “to be the top.” I laughed. On the back, mine didn’t have writings or poems like everybody else’s but a picture of a steep hill, a flag on top, and a turtle on the bottom. The turtle was me.

   This charm meant more than a picture to me. All this time, I’d thought I was going through the dark times on my own, but looking at that picture, I realized there was always someone standing behind me, a shadow that understands me better than anyone else, silently showing what love and support truly means.

   After my test, when nothing really changed and my dignity was completely destroyed, I was taken to an actual hill, the Delphian hill. And from then on, everything became easier and brighter. Don’t get me wrong. The program itself was hard. I struggled a lot, but it was easy in the sense of knowing that I wasn’t alone to face these obstacles and there would always be a bright end on the other side.

   Here, I was given a performing stage to shine, to discover my strengths and weaknesses. I’m grateful for the people who helped me become the person I am today through student council, sports teams, photography and many other projects. I don’t see the staff members here as teachers but as knowledgeable friends who are more than excited to see us thrive. It is an incredible phenomenon that people at Delphian not only take pride in their own achievement and growth but also in the achievements of the others who surround them.

   Delphian gave me hope, Delphian gave me confidence, and Delphian taught me that being a turtle wasn’t that bad after all. It only means that I have to work a little harder, push a little extra, and that I have less time to rest along the way. Leaving this place is going to be hard, but I can’t wait to show others the results that the Delphian School has brought about in every graduate. Thank you.