Faisal Alkathery

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A building placed on a hill surrounded by trees and other hills. It’s far away from the cities and far away from the towns. The front of the building faces a similar image of heaven. The image brings happiness and willingness. The building is filled with scholars from all around the world. Diversity and various cultures form the foundation. The unique education is the cornerstone. The place is called the Delphian School. It’s where I found the real me and forged my own future.

   Attending this school majorly changed me. I became educated, and I became a leader. Now, I’m not only capable of taking charge and running an event but also of leading individuals. The education I’ve gotten and the evaluation skills I’ve gained here are vital and life-changing.

   The practical side of the program fascinated me the most. From the five schools I’ve attended in my life, not a single other one had a practical side. The practical program required me to use data from courses I’d studied. This gave me the opportunity to apply the subject and see for myself the results. Also, it developed a sense of responsibility. I’m the one who had to organize, execute and clean up.

   My journey at Delphian had many ups and downs, and it was a very challenging one. Yet in facing all the difficulties, I’ve learned that I’m capable of overcoming them once I sincerely confront them. I’ve realized that confront leads to the solving of all problems. Once my intention is set, half of the problem is already solved. The next half requires knowledge.

   I know I’m not perfect, but as a result of graduating from Delphian, I’m ready to move out into the world to seek what’s good for me and for others. I’m ready to face new challenges with integrity, leadership, knowledge and ethics.

   I’m proud that I made the choice to come to Delphian. I’m proud that I became a Delphian graduate. I’m proud to have acquired the logo points, and I’m proud to be the first Saudi Arabian to graduate from Delphian School.