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Eva Drazkowski



  My Delphian journey was a discovery.  It was a discovery of an individual who had once felt lost. It was a discovery of knowledge, tools and ability. It was a discovery of new heights, standards and limits. It was a climb to reach them. 

  Each year, this climb got harder, steeper, with bigger obstacles blocking my path. I became an explorer who found new things about herself on this hill every day. I discovered I am a leader who is dedicated and persistent. I am a student who studies for herself. I am a teammate who works hard to meet every standard and win every game. I am a friend who creates memories full of love and laughter. I am a Delphian, self-determined and fully capable. 

  This wasn’t always an easy climb and these discoveries took time to evolve. I fell, I stumbled, I tripped. The climb got steeper and obstacles got harder. But, I always persisted, no matter how hard it seemed or felt. I always looked up to the top and continued climbing. 

  Towards the end of the program, I started looking at my journey as though each obstacle in my path was there for a reason. It got harder only because I made it harder. Each fall and mistake made was a lesson learned. Each memory I made to last forever. 

  Delphian has become so much more to me than just my high school education. It’s in my blood now. It’s family. It’s home. I am forever grateful. There always comes a time in one’s life when a person has to leave home. I’m sad that my time has now come, but I couldn’t be more ready to start my next journey and my next climb to the top.