Sean Cvetkovic

Taipei, Taiwan

Delphian is truly a unique place. It is one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Prior to Delphian, I had been to a lot of different schools. I did pre-K in France, kindergarten in Taiwan, first grade in Australia. Then I returned to Taiwan for second through fourth grade. At that point, I couldn’t keep up with Chinese education. I was sent back to France for fifth grade. Then I attended a French school in Taiwan.

   At some point in all of this, I realized I was not enjoying school anymore. I started becoming unethical. I can only remember a few times that I did my homework. I usually would just ask the smartest guy in class to show me his work and I would copy it. I did that for three years. At the time, I really didn’t think this was bad because there was an exchange: I would buy him soda, and he would give me his homework.

   If I were able to go back in time, I would choose to go to Delphian from the beginning. I absorbed so much incredible knowledge at Delphian. The Form 7 and 8 courses embody so much useful and applicable data for life.

   Delphian had to help me with my ethics several times, as I would look for ways to be sneaky and take shortcuts. Each time I got caught doing something unethical, I would tell myself to be even more sly the next time. However, I finally realized that what I was doing was completely meaningless. The staff really helped me bring my ethics level to a height I thought was impossible for me. I remember one day, after getting help with my ethics, I went and talked to a staff member about my situation. After explaining what I did, she told me, “No matter what you do, we will always love you.” The moment she said that, I immediately felt the need to end all my shenanigans.

   Delphian is without a doubt the most wonderful and beautiful place on Earth. The incredible network of amazing friends that one can create here is fantastic. Delphian is like a second home to me. Everyone should push themselves to the end of this incredible journey. Trust me, it is worth it.