Alex Chang

Taipei, Taiwan

My journey at Delphian was much longer than most international students have experienced, but what I’ve gotten out of this program is more than I could’ve ever imagined. If my younger self could see me now, he would never have thought he would be able to reach this point.

   As I went through the program, growing little by little with each year (both mentally and physically), I began to notice more things going on around me. I was eventually put in a position where I became a leader in student council. At that time I was scared—not of what I couldn’t do but what I could do. I felt suppressed by that fear, and I didn’t do well for a while. Then I got moved to a post where I had to create a lot in order to do well on it. I stopped being afraid and I did great on that post.

   There were many choices I made that weren’t the best, but I was able to learn from those mistakes and move on. All of my choices and every mistake I made is what makes me me. Without those mistakes, I would have never become this powerful or understand as much about myself.

   I can go out into the world knowing what I want to do and be confident in doing it. This school has transformed me from a boy into a man. My life at Delphian has come to an end, but my new life outside of Delphian has just begun. I can’t wait to see what it has to offer.