Penda Osborne

Boston, Massachusetts

My Delphian experience was incredible. At the beginning of my Delphian career, I was a shy six-year-old who was always a step behind her mom. I tried to be very independent, though my ideas didn’t always help me go in the right direction.

   My mom decided to enroll me in Delphi Academy of Boston’s summer camp. At the time, I had a lot of trouble reading and would never read aloud to my mom, even when she asked me to. After my first day at Delphi Academy, I came home asking my mom if I could read to her. This is when my mom knew Delphi was special (even though it took me a little more time to figure it out). I started out in Form 2 at Delphi Academy of Boston and finished Form 5 there. I then came out to Delphian for high school.

   Coming to Oregon was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve grown beyond what I thought was imaginable for myself. I came here a shy girl who thought of high school as the perfect place to start over and be the “new Penda.” The “new Penda” never existed; the original Penda just grew. I became a very capable person in every aspect of my life. I am able to confront people to get jobs done; run a dorm; and most importantly to confront problems that I have and fix them.

   Getting my personal ethics and integrity in was the most important aspect that Delphian helped me realize and put into action. I now feel that I know what I know, know who I am, and can apply ethics and discipline to my life.

   Delphian is my Hogwarts on a hill; my dream school. I couldn’t imagine having any other high school experience. I love Delphian and all the opportunities it has given me.