Vinayak Pal

Santa Clara, California

I’ve been in the Delphi Program for the past 13 years of my life, and it’s phenomenally changed me. I started out at Delphi Academy of Campbell and then came to attend the high school program at Delphian.

   I had many ups and downs while doing the program, and I didn’t understand why. I would always ask myself, “Why am I not good enough?” I didn’t realize until I finished Form 7 that success is measured by how far an individual rises from a previous failure. I failed many times at Delphian, and I learned a lot from those failures. I’ve become a more competent and knowledgeable person through all of my experiences here.

   Delphian tested my integrity, and because of this, I learned more about myself. I’m still learning more about who I truly am every day. I push myself every day to improve as a person, so I can truly be a good leader. Without Delphian, I would never have started this journey.

   I learned at Delphian that if one has big goals, they themselves have to be big. Because of this concept, I don’t settle for an ‘okay’ standard anymore. I push myself to do the best I can in whatever tasks I’m trying to accomplish. In the past, I never took that extra effort to make a valuable contribution. Doing the best one can in any area is something I admire. I plan on doing the best I can at everything.

   Delphian helped me decide on my profession, and it helped me figure out my life goals. As a child growing up, the expectation was that I would become an engineer or a doctor, but I wasn’t good at math or physics. I didn’t know what to do with my life. I tried politics for a time and did many political internships while at Delphian. I’m happy I did so because I realized politics wasn’t the field for me. In the end, I decided to pursue comedy because that field specializes in getting people to laugh, and I love seeing people laughing and happy.

   Even so, my whole career can’t revolve around comedy. This school has helped open up my interests to so many different areas. I’ve come to see the world more clearly and with that view has come the realization that it is my duty to help.

   So, thank you Delphian for helping me to find my big goal, the one I must learn to be big enough to embrace: the goal of helping to create a better world.