Leo Wang

Taipei, Taiwan

“You are a smart kid, if only you could be a little less lazy,” said most everyone who knew me.

   This idea got stuck in my head. I thought that I was lazy and it was just the way I was. I tried to fix that by working hard in sports and my academics. Yet, the problem still seemed to dog me throughout most of my Delphian career.

   I soon started to accept it as fact. I would often consider myself a lazy person and not do things, even when I knew I needed to. “I will try” was always my response when I was asked to do things; like it was a good enough answer to avoid responsibility.

   But through doing the Delphi Program, I realized that laziness wasn’t the problem after all. What I lacked was the ability to generate care and give importance to things that I might not otherwise be interested in. The program taught me that to take on challenges and get out of your comfort zone is the only way to improve and grow.