Pranav Kawatra

Palo Alto, California

There is no way to sum up the past three years of my life. I can’t describe the things I’ve felt—the hardships, the happy moments, moments where I’ve hated everything, and the moments where I loved it all. There’s no way to describe to you what I’ve experienced, but I can tell you with certainty that when I decided to come to this school, it was not a mistake. I’ve gained a lot from the experiences I’ve had here.

   I was always told that I was smart but didn’t apply myself. My teachers in my old school told me that I had potential, but I never achieved it. My dad always knew I was capable of more. My parents always felt that I could do more. It frustrated me to hear that because I thought I was fine doing what I was doing. I was fine with being lazy.

   Coming here wasn’t a rude awakening; it was a gradual push into applying myself. I started to gain more abilities and learn how to adjust to solve problems. I became more capable and not as lazy. Of course, in the beginning, I was still lazy but not as lazy.

   This changed completely in the past few months of the program. I started to work harder and put effort into everything I did, and because of that, I’ve learned what I am capable of.

   What I liked about Delphian the most is that my entire education wasn’t inside of a classroom. It was spent learning how to work with people, how to solve problems, and how to do things with a purpose.

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