Stephen Jin

Shanghai, China

Once upon a time, a bear, a sheep, and a monkey were told to climb the same tree. Which one of them was the true MVP? The monkey because it could climb the fastest? Or the bear or sheep because they had the courage to try even when they weren’t quite competent?

   Like the animals who all competed in climbing the tree, we too have been falsely comparing our own abilities. Through my journey here at Delphian, I realized that many of us in this society are still playing the competitions of child-play, ignorantly judging ourselves and those around us, easily discarded by others with contempt and disgust.

   Here at Delphian, I learned to think for myself. I became aware of the mistake of comparing myself to others in life, for that only lead me to measure who I am as a person with great inaccuracy. Delphian helped me find the true me, the one who lives to be rich—not in money but in smiles and the pursuit of happiness.

   Now thinking back again, who was the true MVP? The monkey, the bear, or the sheep? I think that all are unique and all are worth being acknowledged and praised. For at last, I see beauty in everything. Thank you.