Natalia Garcia

Mexico City, Mexico

Deciding to study at Delphian was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I have had the best moments of my life at Delphian, and I will forever treasure them.

   I learned to learn and later acquired the knowledge to become a reason-driven individual. I learned about the world. But my most remarkable discovery was about myself: my capabilities, my strength, my power.

   Back home, I was a blinded child who walked different roads aimlessly, unconscious of the final destination. People and their opinions influenced me regardless of whether they were good or bad. I was unaware of the power of education, but more importantly, I was unaware of my potential. I thought the path of my life was already traced out and that I wasn’t able to control my own destiny.

   After spending a summer at Delphian, a light lit up on one of the previously darkened paths I was traveling. I took it as a sign, and I came for the school year. By going through the program, I learned about communication, leadership, planning and organizing. Every day, I became more knowledgeable and competent. I discovered that I could make things go right, that I could influence others, and that I had the power to take charge of my own life.

   Delphian changed me for the better. The change was gradual and beautiful. I am now a powerful woman who is able to think and positively influence others with the knowledge I possess. I am ready to make the world a better place!