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Bryant Zhong



    I am so lucky that I chose Delphian and that Delphian chose me as well. I found so many intelligent and hardworking people here. I thought I was good in many areas before I came to Delphian, but here I see people who are outstanding. I see the gap between those people and me, and it encourages me to work harder. Delphian is special because although everyone has an individual program, each student’s  purpose is the same. We learn from each other, practice to become more competent leaders, and seek to find out who we really are. We work hard for ourselves, not for anyone else.

  I learned to take higher responsibility, solve my own problems, lead others, keep to my integrity, and show my integrity to others. Delphian provides you opportunities to fail, to learn about yourself, and to restart. I am grateful for all the failures as much as for the help. I used to believe that a school only focuses on its top students, but Delphian totally changed my idea. It loves every student, and students truly care about each other. As a result, I came to understand the importance of love. I learned to love all the people around me, to love both success and failure, to love all the elements of my life, and to love myself. Life will treat me the way I treat it.

  My aims and attitudes have been adjusted and improved throughout the Delphi Program. Now I am able to evaluate the world from a well-rounded viewpoint, to confront everything in my life calmly, and to work with a confident idea that I can change something. 

  Lastly, I will always keep it in mind that when I stop, I am actually moving backward because others never wait for me. Those people who are smarter than me are also working harder. Delphian provides us opportunities to study for ourselves, as well as asks us to face the competition. In most cases, we are able to do much more than we believe. Keep striving and exploring yourself. Thank you, Delphian.