Index Yu

Shenzhen, China

“I am capable of accomplishing anything I want.” I’ve known this since I was little. However, I didn’t have any goal for my accomplishments. My purpose was only to achieve what I was supposed to do.

   I tried to narrow down my interests to prepare for my future but only found out that I wasn’t ready to give up any of them. When I had to decide between math and law for my college major, I felt that I was interested in both but not passionate about them. I became agitated, troubled, and lost in my thoughts.

   I finally chose math because I was competent in this subject and did enjoy studying about it. But when I wrote about the First Amendment for the Religion course, I realized that I definitely loved the law. My understanding of this field did not come from my intelligence or my reasoning. It came from my passion.

   It was then that I realized that I wasn’t a person without passion but a person of many passions. I am passionate about law, passionate about math, passionate about singing in choir, passionate about my friends, passionate about this school. My world is full of passion. This passion has become love, care, tenderness and all other beautiful things in the world.

   My past worries and hesitations have all become like jokes. I know that I have passion about everything. As Mark Siegel always said to us, “One never knows what he or she will end up doing.” I have no idea about the world in the future: so why don’t I just try everything while I am still young and energetic? I just need to take on any chance and challenge and perform each with all my ability.