Xane Taufer

Clearwater, Florida

I started preschool at Delphi Florida at the age of two. Since then I have been a Delphi Academy or Delphian School student.

   It seems that most graduates have a moment in their lives where they knew that they wanted to graduate from Delphian. For me, I think I have always known that I wanted to graduate from Delphian. I’m not sure where that certainty came from, but I am certain that it’s always been there.

   I remember when I first came to Delphian and saw what I had known I wanted for my whole life: I saw someone graduate. I knew without question that this was what I wanted. But it wasn’t until I was in Paula’s Form 8 class that I began to truly love Delphian.

   There is something indescribable about Paula and being in her class. Here’s a little example: whenever I made a huge mistake and she found out, she would say, “Xane, do we need to talk?” And I would say, “Hahaha… yea.” Then we would talk and the problem would just disappear.

   I’ve now reached the point in my life that I am able to say, “I am a Delphian graduate.” I have gotten everything I could out of the program in the time I was here. I’ve accomplished the single biggest goal of my life (so far). Now I need to set some new goals. I know that these new goals will be just as challenging as Delphian, yet they will be nothing like Delphian. They won’t be like Delphian because I won’t have everyone that I have here.

   I would like to end with a poem.


Tomorrow is the day that I shall be carried away,

On the wings of my imagination.

Tomorrow is the beginning and today is the end,

Of what once was only in my head.

Tomorrow I will do what I want to do,

And it is possible all because of you.