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Kevin Yan



  Before coming to Delphian, I always thought of myself as a pessimistic person. You stand in the darkness alone, looking at the sky. What do you see? The emptiness. The loneliness. The feelings of disgust on what to do to make life a little bit better. I was overwhelmed with books and lectures, with the pressure around my family. I knew I could do so much more, but I couldn’t find a way of living.  I put my hand on my chest, crying for redemption.

  Tennis gave me a hint of hope. But life makes jokes. They said I was not tall enough and would never be tall enough to play tennis. What was I supposed to do? I was depressed and desperate. I was sad that nobody was giving me a hand in the darkest time. I looked at the sky, trying to find an answer to my life. But this time, stars were shining. They shined and shined, fearless of the darkness. They were tiny, but they were strong, showing the world their light. 

  It’s the stars we should look at, not the empty sky. It’s the hope that we are looking for, not the despair. And the hope, sometimes, is in front of your face. And I guess Delphian is in front of everyone’s face. Delphian is not only about knowledge. It’s about what you believe and the goals you should pursue. It’s about being able to confront your worst fear. It’s about challenging yourself just that little bit more when you’re already too tired to stand up. It’s about providing encouragement when you fall. It’s about alerting you when you’re lost. It’s about waking you up before it’s too late. It’s about saving you from the hell. It’s life.