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Timson Lee



  I came to Delphian eight years ago as a childish young boy, hoping to neglect all of my homework and responsibilities back in Taiwan. The education pressure in Taiwan was too much for me. I couldn’t handle it. 

  Now, looking at my old self, I hardly recognize who I was. I laugh at my old self thinking he was under too much stress at age 10. The “stress” I endured during my Delphian journey— especially on the Form 7 and Form 8 programs—was a hundred times tougher than I endured in Taiwan. But I learned that I love to work hard, to study and learn, and to lead a group.

  On my Form 7 program, I experienced what it felt like to fail. As Rocky once said, “It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” At Delphian, I have learned how to treat every failure as a key component to succeed in life. 

  It might sound counterintuitive, but I am glad I had these opportunities to fail throughout my Delphian education. I am no longer the childish young boy I once was. This old self is no longer with me. Now, I am a Delphian graduate.