Ivy Ramos

Englewood, NJ

When I first came to Delphian, I was scared—scared to confront, scared to communicate, scared to basically do anything. I was so uncomfortable with myself. 

   I felt like I was trapped in a box. You would never have noticed this if you saw me. I talked to everyone. I didn’t have a problem making friends, but I was still stuck in my box. This box kept me from reaching my potential. It was my own battle. I couldn’t confront hard situations or communicate about my feelings. Too much communication felt like I was opening up too much. I didn’t trust many people because of this box, and I wasn’t honest with others.

   This box was going to keep me from reaching anything, achieving anything. I fought against the box. I tried to destroy it each year, but it always felt like it came back. Even at the beginning of this year, I was fighting it. Yet it had grown weaker with every year I spent at Delphian. Using the tools I was given here, I learned how to destroy my box. 

   I escaped. Now I know what kind of person I want to be, and I am proud of who I am today.