Jason Chen

Qingdao, China

I’ve had an awesome five and a half years at Delphian.

   At the age of thirteen, my academics in China had been slowly declining, but as soon as I arrived at Delphian, my academics and my love for studying soared. I was really interested in the courses I did and the books I read. I had never experienced such a strong love for studying, even including when I had perfect grades in second grade in China.

   Then I hit a bump on Form 6 Entry. Studying became a task rather than a hobby. I wanted to regain my previous love of studying, but I could only find that vigor again for brief periods. However, my love for Delphian actually increased during this time because I began to see that Delphian is unique in giving students tools and knowledge that are very useful in managing life. Even though I struggled through my academics for awhile, I knew this was the school I wanted to be in. I actually started to think of Delphian as my real home. I missed Delphian during the winter and summer breaks, and arrival days felt like homecoming.

   Because of this love, I never wished to be in another school. I continued at Delphian and pushed through the barriers I was experiencing. I’m very glad to have completed the entire high school curriculum at Delphian, where I’ve spent nearly a third of my life.

   The sense of achievement of graduating from Delphian is so much more than if I had graduated from anywhere else: I won the battle as the commander of my education.