Mandy Ma

Shanghai, China

There were more than a few times after arriving here that I wanted to transfer to another high school. There were two main reasons for this. One was that this school is so different from any other school I’ve known. It was hard for me to understand because of that. The other reason is that when I started to understand those differences, I wondered if I really fit in, if I could meet all the requirements to be a graduate.

   Even if you are a ‘good’ student academically, more is expected of you at Delphian. The school fits every individual student, but it also changes them. Every graduate you see here today is unique, yet they also have certain things in common. Integrity and ethics are written on their faces. Leadership and knowledge are carved into their daily behavior.

   Am I happy with my decision of not transferring? Of course! This is the best decision so far in my young life.

   Thank you, Delphian. The most special school and the best home.