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Listed in order of completion date

Beginner 1

Livi Williams

Desmond Robinson


Beginner 2

Destry Hunter

Ocean Lee Cabebe-Hamilton


Form 1

Luke Robinson

Danny Swanberg

Dublin Baumgardner

Alice Ott


Form 2 Entry

Adelaide Kathrein


Form 2

Annika Hamilton-Hansen

Lily Olivares

Adaline Wolfe

Evie Bowling


Form 3

JJ Noll

Amelie Rappoport

Liv Curry

Jack Bowling

Lachlan Wydro

Form 4

Aiden Perpelitt

Alex Chatelain


Upper School International Entry Program

Ulysses Fages Monter

Bee Chansuk

Danshi Li

Suad Ramirez-Valdes

Johnson Chou

Bond Chansuk

Crystal Li

Tony Wang

Amber Qin

Louis Luo

Tiger Shang

Selina Li

Mujahed Abulohoum

Evie Xia

Daniel Bunchuk

Ohm Chansuk

Evans Bi


Form 6 Entry

Seamus O’Beirne

Satcher Nu

Ku Sean

Sarah Kasprzyk

Isabella Yang

Laura Elliott

Angel Chen 

William Wang

Saachi Mann

Angel Martos Padilla

Oscar Bai

Brody Workman

Portia Binford

Rio Diaz

Aragón Argüello

Martha Cervantes Corral


Form 6

Lindsey Carberry

Juliet Holyfield

Emiliano Posselt Moran

Finnley Giffin

Kabir Mann

Maya Lonstein

Quinn Bennett

Roni Akilov

Sarah Holyfield

Claudia Prado

Haleigh Simington

Jessica Sun

Sophie Wang

Jolie Ramos

Tal Akilov

Form 7

Emer Dayton

Chloe Rodgers

Crystal Peng

Alex Hao

Sophia Lin

Angelica Hangdaan

Chad Burke

Hank Wang

Jake Kugler

Siena Schofield

Chiara Gentile

Andy Jaquez

Alan Zhao

Kirsten Carberry

Maad AlKadhim

Alba Argüello 

James Gentile

Jeffrey Zhu

Nigel Mincey

Grace O’Beirne


Form 8

Harry Wang 

Luca Marrazzo

Talia Morfopoulos

Crystal Peng 

Alex Hao 

Emer Dayton 

Chloe Rodgers

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