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Congratulations to alumnus Marcus Meisler (2009) on his marriage to Jamie Woodworth (Delphi Sacramento alumna). They were married earlier this year in Los Cabos, Mexico by David E. Talbert (husband of alumna Lyn Sisson-Talbert, class of 1991). Marcus and Jamie currently reside in Los Angeles, CA.   

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Congratulations to Meaghan (Snider) Breaux (2008) on the birth of her daughter Alexandra Breaux on May 19th. Mom and Dad were happy to welcome her home where they are currently living in Beaverton, OR.

Sarah Stewart.jpg

Congratulations to Sarah (Wiley) Stewart on the birth of her daughter Iris Ray Stewart. Iris was born on  June 18th and welcomed home by Sarah, husband Cedric and older sisters Khaliah and Lyla in San Leandro, CA.


Duncan Dimanche had a very successful photo exhibit in New York City earlier this year. His pop up gallery included his photographs of Scotland, Japan, France and Korea. His next gallery exhibition will be in LA.

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Congratulations to our Dean Kelly (Kertchem)Hepburn (2001) and husband Stirling Hepburn on the birth of their second daughter, Winter Hepburn born on January 15th.  The family lives in Sheridan, OR.

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Congratulations to Chad Platt (2016) on his marriage to Sierra Valenti. The couple were married on June 9th and live in Clearwater, FL.

Ken Li.jpg

Congratulations to alumnus Ken Li (2014) on graduating from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Administration. He plans to work for an internet/car company called NIO and is currently living in Xiamen.

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After 17 years at Delphian Michelle Platt and husband Terry will be retiring and moving back to Texas to be near family. Michelle plans to pursue her  jewelry making (Romance and Rhinestones) full time. Follow her @romanceandrhinestones.

Sara Orthmann.jpg

Congratulations to Sara (Gill) Orthmann and Tyler Orthmann on the birth of their second son Alfie Orthmann. Alfie was born April 21st. Sara, Tyler and sons Leo and Alfie live in Sheridan, OR.

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