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Mac Feilmeier



  Throughout my life, I had difficulty communicating with others. Talking with groups, asking for help, and even expressing myself through art were challenges for me. This seemed to create a ceiling to what I could accomplish and where I could go in my life.

  Towards the end of the program, I realized why I had so much trouble in this area: I simply wasn’t confronting communication. As much as I worked on it, I was unwilling to be there comfortably and communicate. After this realization, I improved tremendously in this area. I often found myself in situations that needed communication, and although I felt uncomfortable and awkward at first, I forced myself to confront the communication. After some time had passed doing this, I realized that it was no longer a weak area for me. 

  Looking back at how much I’ve grown as a person during my time here, I’m proud of the person I’ve become. For that, I can’t thank Delphian enough.