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Celebrating the class of 2008

Alumni Weekend at Delphian can generate the same level of excitement for all involved as a high school graduation, a wedding, or a major holiday like Thanksgiving. It’s a weekend devoted to reuniting with old friends, reminiscing over shared memories and reconnecting with the Delphian community. 


Every year enrolled students look forward to the Friday morning alumni seminars where they get to meet with alumni and listen to excellent college and career advice. Students walk away knowing how they can maximize their time at Delphian to better prepare themselves for life after graduation. 


Other events include the Friday night ten-year alumni celebration and roasts, the Saturday morning brunch, and the Alumni Association briefing. A new event of the last two years was a hike through the campus woods to the school’s new pond and then up the hill to the water tower. 


Thank you to all the alumni who attended Alumni Weekend this year. We can’t wait to see you again at our next Alumni Weekend, October 4-6 2019!

alumni seminars

Writing Seminar given for students by Delphian alumni & authors Melissa McPhail and Garrett Robinson 

Calliope Whitworth (Form 7 student)  is interested in a career in writing. Here is what she had to say after attending the seminar presented by authors and alumni Melissa McPhail and Garrett Robinson: “I have loved writing since I was little. It wasn’t until recently that I chose it as a career path. I went to one of the alumni seminars about writing in October, and it helped me so much. I was able to learn how to become successful in writing. The best piece of advice I got from the seminar was very simple, yet most important, and that is to be a writer you must write!”


Business seminar given for students by Delphian alumni & business professionals Austen Chen, Ryan Kugler, Lukas Ott & Austin Carroll. 

Jake Kugler (Form 7 student) attended the business seminar during Alumni Weekend. Here’s what he had to say afterward: “I got very excited about working after going to the business seminar during Alumni Weekend. Hearing professionals that were once in my shoes talk about their companies sparked a lot of interest for me to start doing things now. Life here can be very busy but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t think about what comes after. The best advice I got was to start working on business projects now and that if I make mistakes it’s okay. I will learn from them. I just need to hold onto my goals and keep fighting for them.”

Writing seminar given for students by Delphian alumna & author Arwen Dayton.

Kirsten Carberry (Form 8 student)  attended a seminar held by noted author and alumna Arwen Dayton. Here is how she summarized her experience: “I want to be an author so this seminar helped me a lot. I got some insight regarding how to plan out your book before writing it, as well as how to promote it once it’s written and published. I also learned some cool facts about cover designs and how to get inspiration for covers. The best data I received was about outlining your book before writing it. Before, I would just dive right into my story and often quickly get lost at what to write next or how to make sure my plot fit throughout. By taking Arwen’s advice, I now create outlines for my books so I know how to tie everything together.”