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Accomplishments Thanks to Annual Giving 2017-2018

  All of us up here on the Delphian hill want to thank YOU, our donors, for your wonderful support over the past year.

  We’ve had an amazing year! Your ongoing donations are more important than you know: both to improve existing programs and facilities, and to further enrich the Delphi program that students experience daily.

  The Delphian Annual Fund Telethon last January was our most successful to date. More donors are making recurring monthly donations than ever. Students, parents and alumni are finding more creative ways to enrich the Delphian experience and upgrade the Delphian campus.

  This year for the first time, the Delphian Board of Directors held a fundraiser at Parents Weekend at one of their homes overlooking our beautiful Willamette Valley.  The participants were all enthusiastic Delphian supporters, playing matching games for hundreds of dollars, making Leadership donations of $1976 (in honor of the school’s founding year) and more, and stepping up with some huge pledges from $10,000 to $250,000.  In all 1.1 million dollars was raised/pledged to come in by May 1, 2019!  As those funds come in, they will go to the Campus Master Plan, with the usual 20% going to the Founders Endowment to help secure the long-term viability of the school.

  In the student area, you provided the funding for a vastly improved Recreation Room and Little Theater.  (Most of you would have seen the pictures and video earlier in the term.) At Parents Weekend, we no longer had to limit the audience numbers at performances, and parents enjoyed the enhanced visibility of tiered seating, the special effects made possible by the new sound system, and the comfort of air conditioning.

  The biggest project ever completed in the main building has been the dorm bathroom renovations.  Each has had cosmetic upgrades through the years, but this is the full upgrade that’s been needed for some time.  The previous ten years of Delphian alumni will be jealous that they missed this one!

  Senior Yahya Abulohoum led the charge this spring to add vital equipment to Ceramics.  The Abulohoum family immediately jumped on board with very generous donations and brought in other families to help as well, in the end providing 3 new kilns and pottery wheels, and additional shelving.

  Thanks to the Cui family, our kitchen area has also had improvements with such things as two new bakery ovens replacing our twenty-plus-year ones, a microwave added to the Snack Room and wok upgrades.

  Another highlight is that after several years of planning, the first floor east has been fully remodeled so all of Delphian’s administrative offices are together.  Your donations to the Campus Master Plan, and an exceptional donation from the Duggan family, made this project possible. Not only have these moves added efficiency, but they also made space on second floor for more dorm rooms.  We are fully enjoying our new offices so come have a cup of espresso with us in the Development lounge!

  Last but not least are all the improvements being made to the larger campus, thanks to your generous response to this year’s Annual Fund and Telethon.  Our outdoor program campaign “Into the Woods” has everyone excited with new trails, the pond getting refurbished, and new facilities at the RC (remote-controlled) race track. It’s been lovely to see students out into our 700-acre campus as never before!

  Virtually every student activity has been enriched by donations:

          Arts: Music, drama, choir, media lab facilities, film camp and equipment.

          Athletics: Uniforms, equipment and coaching for soccer, cheer and track.

          Clubs/Activities: Youth for Human Rights,The Way to  Happiness / Good Choices club, community service, RC car track.

          Academics: Foreign language materials, college video, digital lab equipment.

  So once again, THANK YOU. These things could never happen without you!