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Johannes Paul



  I started my fantastic and unique Delphian School journey as a boy with no concept of ethics or morals. I was completely focused on myself, and I considered studying a waste of time.

  As I moved up the forms I first started paying more attention to the rules, because I simply didn’t want to be in trouble anymore. Then I noticed the power of ethics. I started developing a concept for ethics and morality. I can’t emphasize how much it helped me throughout the rest of my Delphian life. My academics went much better, my friendships got stronger, and my reputation became so much better, too. I noticed that I am a very capable person and started using my abilities to work to further raise my responsibility and capability.

  Looking back at the end result of my academic program, I see a huge change in myself compared to who I was in the beginning. I am so glad that I was able to attend this amazing school. There is no better gift in the world that I could have asked for.