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Jessica Xu



  Everything is special at Delphian. I really like the educational system. It not only helps us to find out what we really want in our lives, but also makes us self-disciplined. I learned more than just knowledge in this school; I gained a new ability: self-education. I realized we are studying for ourselves, and we need to be responsible for ourselves. Besides the academic program, the practical part is the most challenging. I started as a follower, and I ended as a leader. All the projects made me more responsible.

  Four years ago, when I saw my first Form 8 graduate speech, I didn’t get why the graduate was crying. I was doubting I would love this school that much when I graduated. Now that I’ve graduated, I have realized how much love I have for this school. Four years ago, I was a little shy girl. Now I am walking out of this school as a young lady. I will miss my high school life; I will miss the stars, the moonlight, and the girl in your eyes.        

  Thank you, Delphian!