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Annual Report

In Appreciation: Below the pie graph annual report is a list of Delphian donors and volunteers we’d like to give a special acknowledgment to for the 2017-18 year.  In addition, the Development Office would like to extend its appreciation to last year's Annual Fund volunteers, starting with Alumni Chair Rachel Karl and Parent Chair Stephanie Croman. Those Chairs and this year's Class Captains helped get other parents involved and donating.  Class Captains: Gina Bestenlehner, Tonya Brisnehan, Heidi Byrd-Careaga, Brenda Feilmeier, Rebecca Porras-Sholes, Tajana Qadada and Pinki Sinha.


Income and Expenses 2017-2018


1. Tuition, Room & Board $8,314,308.00

2. Summer Program $874,884.00

3. Materials Fees $488,608.00

4. Annual Fund $100,368.35

5. Other Income $97,947.00

Total Operating Income $9,876,115.35


1. Salaries & Benefits $3,838,379.00

2. Financial Assistance $1,598,420.00

3. Summer Program $1,264,213.66

4. Food $888,631.00

5. Instructional $790,419.00

6. Facilities $513,336.00

7. Deferred Maintenance $373,033.69

8. Promotion $360,209.00

9. General Administration $249,474.00


Total Expenses $9,876,115.35


Thank you Delphian supporter 2017-2018

Leadership Society Elite

Joanne and David Gentile 

Rosy and Todd Kugler 

Gertrude and Leonard Fairbanks Foundation

Jaye and Michael Curry

Melissa McPhail and Shon Holyfield

Jennifer Huang and Guangfu Cui

Trish Duggan

Ibrahim Abulohoum

Tim, Kathleen and Chelsea Melchior

Leadership Society

($1976 and up)

Christine and Jared Anderson 

Jennifer and Steve Anderson


Sheila Auster

Guangyuan Hu and Shan Bai 

Ally and Joe Berceli-Wain

Coleen and Michael Carberry

Andria and Austin Carroll

Sunny Wang and Rick Chang

Sheila Chapman

Lisa and Mike Chatelain

Austin Chen

Joan Zhang and Alan Chen

Kori and Grant Curry 

Arwen and Sky Dayton 

Rosemary and Dege Didear

Christine Fang and Deyu Fan

Corina Froese

Wen Wei and Ping Han

Hollander/Keough Family

Wen Wei and Ping Han

Hollander/Keough Family

Greg Kingdon

Cheryl Berman and Randy Kretchmar

Michelle and Ryan Kugler

Wei Wang and Zhipeng Li

Cathy Liu and Zhijian Lin 

Shiri and Avi Lonstein

Xiaoying Li and Guoming Luo

Lisette Nacif and Yamil Morales

Chris Nosko

Suzan and Greg Ott

Diana and Heiko Paul 

Mimi and Ron Pollack

Haiming Rong

Courtney and Patrick Ryan

Liliana and Julio Saiz

Louise Chavanne and Adam Sene

Brandy Lewis and Ethan Suplee

Chris Uno

Christine Wright

Ruby Pei and Tony Yang

($500 - $1975)  

Clem Agami

Helen Liu and Rui Chen

Jessica Davis

Catherine and Shahab Emrani 

Aviva and Meir Ezra

Brenda and Charles Feilmeier

Josephine Gentile

Ronald Gentile

Juan Huang and Xudong Hao

Ellen and Dave Hendry

Karen and Ari Kalman

Uria Kalman

Janie Gibson

Erika and David Larson

Alex Marrazzo

Johanna and David Mauerer

Evan Myrianthopoulos

April and Trevor Ott

Chuck Pacheco

Rebecca and Carlos Porras

Laura and Adolfo Quintero

Lana Savoca

Jessica and Jem Schofield

Paula and Ken Shapiro

Barton Springer

Lei Gao and Kevin Sun

Katie Dean and Jonathan Tam

Barbara Colaianni and Charles Tuttle

Shawna and Yulong Wang

Amber Woodard

($50 -$249)

Priscilla and Larry Alabaster

Hailley and Jeremy Arezzini

Emily and Jason Baker

Kathy Bannon

Mark Baritz

Brenda Bays

Benevity Causes

Nicole and Josh Benk

Kaellagh and Dylan Bennett

Josselyn Boudett

Tonya Brisnehan

Basilia Brownell

Veronika Bschorr

Colleen and Ray Bunch

Ian Carberry

Tigan and Cebarn Carroll

Carmello Cataudella

Rene Chapman

Jason Chen

Michael Clarizio

Stephanie and Russ Croman

Kalen and Duncan Curtis

Karim Dalloul

Emily and Michel Dambrin

Kelly Dobbin

Paige Dorian

Linda and Michael Drazkowski

eBay Foundation 

Kristel Ehrlich

Oppenheim and Steve Fabos

Skyler Feilmeier

Cinthya Font

Annie and Todd Forslund

Robin and James Gailunas

Julie and Michael Giffin

Erin Glenski

Judi and John Glenski

Gary Goodman

Charley Guo

Yanming Xiao Wei Guo

Evanie and Torben Hamilton Hansen

Jenna Hanson

Mary Hilton

Anthony Holesworth

Molly Hollyman

Dina Holyfield

Katie Howland

Independent Order of Odd Fellows #87

Jackie Jackson 

Ben Jacobs 

Lisa Janssen

Blanca and Eric Jaquez

Alex Jessup

Heather Johnstone

Rachel and Armen Karl

Heidi Kemp

Heather and John Kertchem

Maureen and Michael King

Luke Kraman

Jake Kretchmar

Taylor Kugler

Alex and Jeff L’Allier

Felix Lange

Lara Lange

Megan and Sylvan Lionni

Alex Lipson

Ravit and David Lonstein

Monica and Gionatan Lorenzini

Zander Lurie

Sue MacKenzie

Gabriel Marrazzo

Joanie and Ron Marrazzo

Lisa and Robert Martin

Alfredo Martos

Andrea and David McDaniel

Winston McDaniel

Char and Larry Miller

Nikki Miller

Colleen and Dan Mitchel

Heather and Howard Moll

Morgan Nelson

Kim and Mitch Neuhauser

Jacqueline O’Beirne

Oregon Conference of Seventh Day Adventists

Becka and Corey Orthmann

Kasey Orthmann

Lukas Ott

Charles Pabst

Joe Paul

Fang Liao and Haiqing Peng

Kim and Kevin Perry

Sterling Petersen

The Pink Painter

Jamie Popa

Ineabell Laboy and Pedro Prado

Mary and Larry Price

Bridgette and Doug Rappoport

Lee Rector

Jasmin and Patrick Renna

Austin Rodgers

Nancy and Eric Roland

Liliana and Javier Rosales 

Trish and Jeff Rouelle

Kenji Sanchis

Amie and Jonathan Saphire

Jason Saphire

Alissa Schneider

Charity Livingston and Joe Sessions

Brie Shaffer

Kuliti Shiferaw

Jordan Siegel

Linnea and Sam Silver

Mimi Smith-Danielson

Maria and Chris Solomon

Vickie and Phillip Spencer

Dagny Sprayberry

Myra Sprince

Rory Stevens

Samantha Suplee 

Sunil Suri

Carol and Leland Thoburn

Lauren and Casey Thornsberry

Louis Vaillancourt

Lorena and Otto Veliz

Laura and Harry Wallace

Emily Ward

Phyllis Mueller and Glenn Warren

Ian Welles

Lila Welles

Alyssa and Adam Whitworth

Carol Whitworth

Stephanie and Wickersham

Marti and Bruce Wiggins

Michele and Justin Workman

Nicole and Thomas Wozny

Donglan Zhu and Weifeng Zhang

Brook Zimnstore


Clem Agami

Maria and Melissa Agrillo

Jennifer and Steve Anderson

Cheryl Berman

Magdalena and Guillermo Cervantes Sr.

Stephanie and Russ Croman

Arwen and Sky Dayton

Michael Doven

Brenda and Chuck Feilmeier

Julie and Mike Giffin

Natasha Gray

Fay Hangdaan

Dave Hendry

Shon Holyfield

Keiko and Grant Jefford

Weibke, Stephan & Nick Koenig

Rosy and Todd Kugler

Lucas and Kelly Layton

Debra Lin

Meenu Mann

Joanie Marrazzo

Sahara Martinez

Angelina and Alfredo Martos

Dayle Ann Marvin

Colleen Mitchell

Chris Nosko

Corrine Perkins

Ken Potts

Jess and Jem Schofield

Yanying Shen

Gerri Sun

Colin Taufer

Rebecca and Ian Wendell-White