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“I’m going to Delphi for the summer! Better get my running shoes on, so much to do, so much that’s new, get ready for the summer of your life!”


Most Summer at Delphi campers will never forget the classic jingle that played non-stop in Reception every arrival day for years. You stepped off the bus, fresh from PDX, and hauled your suitcase inside. Where am I? you thought. Who are all these people? Had you really packed everything you needed? Did you really know what you’d signed yourself up for? Were you really ready for the “Summer of Your Life”?!


While you might not hear the video in Reception these days, and the big boxy TV has long since been retired, Summer at Delphi still challenges young people in and out of the classroom to discover that their potential for success is unlimited. This summer we’re taking everything you love about Summer at Delphi and enhancing it to create our best program ever.


Summer at Delphi has always had several main strengths. Our campers love their afternoon classes and they love the weekend trips, but what keeps bringing students back is the academics. Delphi’s academic program has been helping students learn to love studying since we first opened our doors. This summer we’re recognizing this core strength by focusing on helping students achieve a greater focus on their academics (while still doing all the fun activities they love).

Erica in New York representing 

Youth for Human Rights. 

Avery Ott, Liv Curry & Nora Larsson weighing and bagging soup mix

We asked ourselves, how do we get more time in the classroom, more hands-on learning, more fun, more excitement, and how do we do that in the same six-week program? We made two major changes.


First, we’ve changed the schedule. Summer is now broken into two three-week programs. Each of the three-week programs will have just one arrival day and one departure day, so the group of students you start the summer with will be the same group of students you ride back to the airport with at the end of the summer. You may also choose to attend both three-week sessions in order to stay for the entire six weeks. 


Second, your afternoon will focus on intensive “camps” where you spend each afternoon focusing on one key area for a week. These camps will allow students to learn a skill, explore an interest or try something new for a full week. We picked our all-time most popular afternoon classes and expanded them into longer, even more awesome camps that get students out of the classroom and doing hands-on learning in the real world.


Students can choose to do a different camp every week or to focus on one camp for several weeks in a row. Either way, they will be learning new skills. These skills include animation and film basics in Film Camp, drone aviation and 3D printing in Science & Tech Camp, or creating beautiful pottery and your own pop-up books in Fine Art Camp. The opportunities to create and learn in and out of the classroom are limitless. 


These changes, though simple, will challenge our students in a whole new way. Summer at Delphi is focusing on ensuring every student heads home with a newfound love for learning and a dramatically broadened perspective of what they are capable of. 


There are a limited number of spaces available for this new Summer at Delphi program. If you have or know of a student who would benefit from our program, call or refer them today. 


Additionally we have a brand new cash rewards program for referrals. Give someone the summer of their life and get paid for it too! Call us for more information as certain restrictions to this program do apply.