Lila Welles

Teaneck, New Jersey

When I first came to Delphian and saw Form 8 graduates, I thought everyone who went through the program would magically become an incredible, capable person. Eventually, as I went through the program for myself, I realized it wasn’t magic. Delphian challenges you in every way it possibly can so you can find these incredible abilities inside of yourself. There’s nothing magical about it; Form 8 graduates are just people who have faced things that challenged them and succeeded.

   When I first came here, I was shy and deathly afraid to talk to people or communicate in any way. I was able to handle some things, but there was a lot I couldn’t confront or couldn’t handle. As I moved through the Forms, I started working on this. I did lots of different projects where I had to talk to or lead people, especially on student council. Eventually, I began to be more comfortable talking to large or small groups of people. I learned how to lead well, and I became more comfortable talking to everyone.

   Not that long ago, I looked at the person I was when I first came to Delphian and compared myself to the person I am now. Thanks to this program and all of the challenges it pushed me through, I changed from a person who was shy, terrified and unsure into a person who is capable, able to communicate and certain. These changes have made all the difference for me, and I can’t thank Delphian enough.