Maxine Anderson

Clearwater, Florida

Throughout the Delphi Program, I went through this cycle of fear where I was scared to do something, but then once I did it, I felt more alive than ever. I didn’t like the fact that I had to continually tell myself that I wouldn’t be afraid again because every time I said it, I knew it wasn’t true.

   Towards the end of the program, I realized that this cycle of fear was the most brilliant thing in my life. The feeling that I get after overcoming my fears is really just a result of me moving into a new state of existence, one with a different view, a better understanding, and more capability. So as long as I am growing, so will my fears be evolving and changing.

   Each time I overcame my fears and pushed through challenges, I noticed that my genuine care grew. I learned what it means to honestly care for something—whether a project, my student council position, or studying some subject—and as I gained genuine care for more areas of my life, I gained more opportunities to expand.

   As I cared for more, I was able to exert control over more. I think this is because care is a phenomenon of taking full responsibility for something. With more care, I pushed myself right up against my next set of fears and challenges. If I wanted to positively affect that which I cared for, I had no choice but to confront my arising fears.

   There are so many intelligent and competent people in this world because each person has something different and special about them. I am continually amazed at how much we can accomplish together if we recognize the power that each of us holds. In order to accomplish such goals of my own, I realized that I must help others to overcome their fears and step into their own ambitious goals.

   Instead of shying away from my fears, I stand side by side with them as if they are my best friends. It may seem a paradox, but it is not, for my fears and challenges are the most obvious steps towards my dreamed realities.

   I am more than thankful for my education here, but I know that there are many other people who are also brilliant and capable outside of this Delphian world. It’s up to me to utilize all the knowledge and ability I’ve gained on this program, including my genuine care and understanding of my fears, to make known and accomplish my goals in such a dynamic, vibrant, and challenging world as this one.