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Ashtyn Almstead



  The Delphi Program™ challenged me in ways I never imagined possible. It took a girl who was in shambles, had no self-worth or self-confidence, who listened to what others said about her, and turned her into someone who knows who she really is. 

  Through the practical program I became increasingly aware of my surroundings and the world issues around me. I realized that something can be done about them. I especially found this out while doing my volunteer project for Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief in Texas. Where, in just seventy-two hours, I organized and chaperoned a trip of twenty students to volunteer in Texas for ten days. We were able to make lasting changes in the lives of others we didn’t even know.

  I realized on this trip that I love to help. I helped bring about many smiles and positive change. To be able to be a part of that change is the most rewarding feeling I’ve ever known.