Annual Report

Accomplishments Thanks to Annual Giving 2015-2017


All of us up here on the Delphian hill want to thank YOU, our donors, for your wonderful support over the past two years. Your ongoing donations to the Delphian School are more important than you may know. The money and time you donate are vital to energizing and maintaining the quality and richness of our program. To ensure the long-term viability of the school as envisioned by Delphian’s Founding Staff, last year saw the launch of a new Founders Endowment Fund. The Gentile family took the lead in making several very generous establishing donations, followed by Tim and Kathy Melchior and others at Parents Weekend. Most of you have seen our beautiful campus with its breathtaking and kaleidoscopic views of the Willamette Valley below. But the campus is very large and has many buildings to support. All of that takes maintenance, and maintenance takes financing. Thanks to your highest-ever donations last year, our campus has never looked better. You sponsored everything from the new walkways and planters at the east end of the building to the first fully renovated dorm bathroom. The gym capital campaign and renovation was completed in the spring of 2016, resulting in a much improved facility. Its many new features include the new HVAC system, superior insulation, hardwood floor, elevated running track, climbing wall, and retractable, telescopic bleachers. Delphian diners are served more quickly and in greater numbers through a redesigned, fast-flow serving area, with added buffet stations for deli food, salads and special dishes. You provided the funding for the expansion and renovation of our Little Theater and Student Recreation Room, both areas of great importance to student life (not to mention parents, alumni and visitors). Virtually every student activity has been enriched by donations:

Arts: Music, choir, media lab facilities and equipment

Athletics: Uniforms and equipment for volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, tennis, track, cheerleading and PE

Clubs & Activities: Chess club, Science and Space Club, Youth for Human Rights, The Way to Happiness / Good Choices club, Community Services

Academics: Books, foreign language materials, science lab materials

Once again, THANK YOU! These things could never happen without you.


In Appreciation: The Development Office would like to extend its appreciation to last year’s Annual Fund volunteers, starting with Alumni Chair Rachel Karl and Parent Chair Sky Morfopolous. Those Chairs and this year’s Class Captains helped the school achieve a 30% increase in funds raised. Class Captains: Coleen Carberry, Heidi Careaga, Rosy Kugler, Colleen Mitchel, Pinki Sinha, Marlen Steward and Deb Voss.


Income and Expenses 2016-2017




  1. Tuition, Room and Board – $9,333,381.00

  2. Summer Program – $816,928.00

  3. Materials Fees – $648,633.00

  4. Delphian Annual Fund – $136,924.00

  5. Other Income – $130,170.00


Total Operating Income – $11,066,036.00




  1. Salaries and Benefits – $4,048,647.00

  2. Financial Assistance – $1,624,296.00

  3. Summer Program – $1,296,815.00

  4. Food – $1,026,994.00

  5. Instructional – $842,505.00

  6. Deferred Maintenance – $766,041.00

  7. Facilities – $712,634.00

  8. Promotion – $448,223.00

  9. General Administration – $299,881.00

Total Expenses – $11,066,036.00












Annual Report



Trish & Bob Duggan & Family

The Gentile Family

Tami & Dave Robertson & the Gertrude & Leonard Fairbanks Foundation

Rosy & Todd Kugler



Anonymous (2)

Angela & Hassan Abu-eideh

Jennifer & Steve Anderson

Sheila Auster

Coleen & Michael Carberry

Sunny Wang & Rick Chang

Lisa & Mike Chatelain

Qiongfang Zhang & Alan Chen

Mei Hong & Yaoxing Chen

Jennifer Huang & Guangfu Cui

Kori & Grant Curry

Arwen & Sky Dayton

Catherine & Shahab Emrani

Christine Fang & Deyu Fan

Brigitte Hu & Zhiyong Ge

Shon & Melissa Holyfield

Janet Hollander & Thomas Keough

Cheryl Berman & Randy Kretchmar

Michelle & Ryan Kugler

Jimena & Kelly Layton

Guo Zheng

Lee Annie Liu

Chris Nosko

Lisa Friberg & Bradley Oliver

Lukas Ott

Suzan & Greg Ott

Susan Chen & Shijie Pan

Mimi & Ron Pollack

Chris Uno 

Manuel Vianna

Jacqelyn & Matt Wirsing

Ruby Pei & Tony Yang


($500 to $1975)

Rossin & Clem Agami

The Almstead Family

Anne Binford

Andria & Austin Carroll

Sheila Chapman

Kim Chiang & David Chiu

Stephanie & Russell Croman

Jaye & Mike Curry Sr.

Rosemary & Dege Didear

Aviva & Meir Ezra

Brenda & Chuck Feilmeier

Helga Gentile

Rebecca Sholes & Carlos Giodanelli

Wen Wei & Ping Han

Ellen & Dave Hendry

Julie & Wen-Yau Hung

Phillip Lee

Lei Gao & Wenzheng Lei

Liping Yang & Jianzhong Ma

Lisette Nacif & Yamil Morales

April & Trevor Ott

Tatjana & Tahsen Qadada

Hongxing Ma & Quanjin Qin

Laura & Adolfo Quintero

Paco Rodriguez /SAGE DINING

Louise & Adam Sene

Laura & Jim Stone Brandy

Lewis & Ethan Suplee

Lauren & Casey Thornsberry

Nicole & Thomas Wozny

Stephen Jin & Ying Ye

($250 to $499)

Karyn Mullen & Raymond Aaron

Amazon Smile Services

Hailley & Jeremy Arezzini

Shirley Bass

Ebay Foundation-YourCause

Gal Ezra

Steve Farbos

Yanming Xiao & Wei Guo

Sammy Kahn

Martin Leppert

Bryan Lipson

Amy Marshall

Mike Mikeworth

Colleen & Dan Mitchel

Glenn Mueller

Julie & Butch Nosko

Jacqueline O'Beirne

Olivia Salomon

Chie Mihara & Francisco Sanchis

Barton Springer

Mar Nino & Luis Suner

Eric Wagner

Carol Whitworth

Sharon Yin

($50 to $249)

Maria & Morry Agrillo

Sonia & Nelson Albornoz

Allison & Darren Anderson

Rachel Anderson

Guangyuan Hu & Shan Bai

Gord Baird

Becky Baker

Pat Bannon

Brenda Bays

Monica Beilhart

Nicole & Joshua Benk

Kaellagh & Dylan Bennett

Allison & Joseph Berceli-Wain

Martha & Bill Blokzyl

Tonya Brisnehan

Ethan Brooks

Lauren Carberry

Tigan & Cebarn Carroll

Kittiphop (Bond) Chansuk

Saksuda Chansuk

Ji Yun Chen

Ting Lu & MuYe Chen

Yen-Chu Chiu

Frank Choto

Theresa Coffino

Tony Courtemanche

Cynthia Dalloul

Karim Dalloul

Emily & Michel Dambrin

Sean Dernehl

Diana Dernhal

Kelly Dobbin

Sahara Ealy

Monet & Russell Fischer

Annie & Todd Forslund

Lori & Garth Fudens

Jerry Fuqua

Erin Glenski

Judi & John Glenski

Maria Gonzalez

Mary Hilton

Evanie & Torben Hansen

Kelly & Stirling Hepburn

Star & Johnny Hillman

Chloe Holmes

Horsley & Andrus Endodontics

Katie Howland

Blanca & Eric Jaquez

Colin Jensen

Dieter Jessen

Gisselle Moran Jimenez

Remington Keough

Heather & John Kertchem

Patti Giuliano & Peter Kevorkian

Kathie Kezsbom

Weibke & Stephan Koenig

Erika Larson

Andrea Lipson

Ming & Zhijian Lin

Debora Lorenzini-Piperno

Monica & Gionatan Lorenzini

Andrew Lutton

Patty Lutton

Sue MacKenzie

Diana & Don Marshall

Tamara & John McCole

Andrea & David McDaniel

Jeanne & David McKevitt

Marcus Meisler

Jeannette & William Melin

Maria Hernandez & Ernesto Mercado

Frank Mesmer

Sakiko & Ralph Mesmer

Derek Meyer

Charlene & Larry Miller

Nicole & Tyran Mincey

Susan Monaghan

Aris & Sky Morfopoulos

Angelina & Allen Mpyisi

Kermit Muhammad

Debbie Murray

Dennis Nau

Read Neuhauser

Erik Nobs

Trish O'Hara

Amanda Oliver

Josh Oman

Angelina Padilla

Liliana Maslennikova & Nicholas Papaheraklis

Wonja Oh & Young Keun Park

Lisa Phillips

The Pink Painter, Inc.

Enrique Posselt

Enrique Walter Posselt

Emily Kelly & Ken Potts

Ineabell Laboy & Pedro Prado

Mary & Larry Price

Miriam Qadada

Kathryn & Tad Reeves

Nancy Reitman

Austin Rodgers

Johann & Simon Rodgers

Nancy & Eric Roland

Natividad & Casey Ott

Joelle & Alan Rothe

Trish & Jeff Rouelle

Alissa Schneider

Linda & Mark Siegel

Linnea & Sam Silver

Ann Somers

Vickie & Philip Spencer

Savana St. Aubin

Jonathan Tam

Target Stores

Jack Taufer

Carol & Leland Thoburn

Nguyet Tran

Lauren & Julian Tristan

Lorena & Otto Veliz

Rev. Garron Von Gunten

Laura & Harry Wallace

Hanchen Wang

Phyllis Mueller & Glenn Warren

Xiaoxiang & Yulong Wang

Chelsea Weathers

Ashton Welles

Kim & Ian Welles

Alyssa & Adam Whitworth

Marti & Bruce Wiggins

Michelle & Justin Workman

Marsha & Robert Worlock

Christine & Thomas Wright

Lei Sun & Limang Yan

Pat Yannarelli

Qingyun & Yue Yu

Mari & Tom Young

Wan Li & Yigeng Zhao

Bei Sun & Ting Zhong

Donglan Zhu



Sarah Abu-eideh

Jason Aden

Clem Agami

Dan & Ari Agami

Melissa Agrillo

Jen & Steve Anderson

Cheryl Berman

Michael Broughton

Austin Carroll

Wayne Chang

Stephanie and Russell Croman

Darcy (Wright) Dacasin

Arwen & Sky Dayton

Andrea & Michael Doven

Catherine & Shahab Emrani

Brenda Feilmeier

Joanne & David Gentile

Natasha Gray

Darwin Grimm

Dave Hendry

Grace Hong

Ximena Hoverson

Jennifer Huang

Leticia & Santiago Jaimez

Kat Jeschke

Hildegard Jessup

Rachel Karl

Remington Keough

Weibka Koenig

Ryan & Michelle Kugler

Todd Kugler

Alex L'Allier

Kimi de Leonibus

Jessica Li

Debra Lin and Big Byte

Sharon Lin

Meenu Mann

Joanie Marrazzo

Angelina & Alfredo Martos

Kyle Marvin

David Mauerer

Julie McKernan

Tim Melchior

Lissette Nacif

Chris Nosko

Jaqueline O'Beirne

Eduardo Olmos

Kayla Paulsen

Corrine Perkins

Kim Perry

JJ Pinkus

Liz Jurado & Jorge Plascencia

Kathryn Reeves

Meghan & Garett Robinson

Yanying Shen

Barton Springer

Savanah St. Aubin

Sebastian Torres

Deb Voss

Joseph Wain

Jinling Zhang & Gang Wang

Carol Whitworth

Echo and Charlie Wu

Wendy Ye Sharon Yin

Lunan Zhang